Don’t waste your precious time while you take your vacation. Make the most out of it instead – you’ll do that with unique experiences that will make unforgettable memories and leave you itching for more.

Many people are seeking unique experiences in adrenaline sports and adventures. Great choice, especially if you’re prepared to neglect the mainstream activities in favor of more unusual ones. The best place to find such gems is the Soca Valley in Slovenia, offering little known, but well-developed and very comprehensive tourist offer for thrill seekers.

For unique experiences, visit Bovec. The town is the ideal starting point for many adrenaline sports and activities. One of the most popular activities organized in Bovec, white-water rafting, might not be very unusual for the hardened veterans of extreme adrenaline experiences, but it’s definitely worth trying. Bovec white-water rafting leads you right over the most attractive rapids of the beautiful Soca river, offering a bumpy ride with lots of thrill. When you complete the Bovec white-water rafting adventure, you’ll be ready for the next step – go for some of the less common activities, which offer unique experiences you don’t know yet.

Soca canyoning is one of the popular choices in this regard. With all the attention focused on the Soca River and the boat activities, canyoning is a bit more private and relaxed undertaking. It’s not usually done on the Soca River itself, even though it’s marketed as Soca canyoning. There are many streams that are more suitable for exploration of this kind. With waterfalls, natural toboggans, canyons, and cliffs, the streams offer all you need for a thrilling experience in the pristine natural surroundings. Because of that, Soca canyoning is popular with the tourists wishing to dodge the crowds and find the excitement in a unique adventure on their own.