Bovec is a small town in a country called Slovenia that has an amazing river valley running through it and with that you can see just an opportunity for amazing water sports and adventures that take you through almost untouched nature into an experience that can only be described as heavenly. If you want to kayak Bovec you don’t even need your own kayak or any other equipment as rafting an kayaking services offer everything for rent as well as they can give you one of a kind guided tours that will surely imprint in your memory as one of those stories that you will want to tell over and over and over again. If you wish to experience true Bovec it is actually best if you decide to go an kayak Bovec as that will give you amazing views of local canyons and gorges as well as give you some perspective on how beautiful nature can be and how easy it is to just skip these amazing parts of it if you just blink or look away form a moment. If you decide to kayak Bovec it will be an adventure of your lifetime.

For those a little less versed in watersports Soca rafting offers it all

If you want to see what the nature is all about but you are not the most comfortable with equipment or the thought of doing self-exploration somewhere unknown then  Soca rafting can be something that will really give that extra edge to your nature experience. The beautiful gorges are ideal for Soca rafting with skilled instructors, that will make sure your trip is safe and yet still gives you a chance to explore your own limits and step into unknown waters, so to speak.