With the tourism developing rapidly in Slovenia, there are more and more options for fun activities with each passing day. That’s surely an advantage for the destination that already boasts with several unique and attractive advantages! Discover a piece of what Slovenia has to offer either in a short vacation or a longer stay – there are many options to choose from.

The offer is especially attractive in the field of extreme sports like canyoning. Bovec is perfect for canyoning, as the country has a plethora of small streams and rivers with picturesque canyons. There are other advantages as well when it comes to canyoning – Bovec has some tradition with sports like that, so you can expect well developed offer and great guided tours. But you have to pick the right place for canyoning, Bovec offers a wide variety of experiences depending on which part you choose. One of the best choices has to be the Soča Valley, with the River Soča opening up countless opportunities for fun time.

Let’s not forget rafting, Soča is the ideal river for that as well. There are many options of guided tours and even solo tours with rented equipment. With this activity being one of the most popular ones, there is always an option for rafting. Soča is especially suitable for this activity in the upper part, where the river is quick and dynamic. That’s where to go if you’re seeking fun adrenaline activities like rafting – Soča flows past a couple of amazing towns in the valley, with wide variety of other options on offer.

One of the most prominent fun activities should be festivals, as the summer in Slovenia is full of various events that can be combined with adventures like rafting and canyoning. Slovenia will definitely have something for you!