The fap filter must be made of quality filter elements that will take care of the precise filtering of heavy particles that form in each vehicle. In any case, the material from which the core is made is different. Currently, the most commonly used ceramic core is the most efficient and high quality. Only a well-made filter will be able to regenerate itself during operation, which means that it can be cleaned by burning soot. 

The Fap filter regenerates automatically. In any case, regeneration is also related to the kilometers traveled and the size of the particles that accumulate inside the filter. When we drive seven hundred kilometers, regeneration is triggered, which is also related to the temperature, which must be high enough if not regeneration cannot be carried out. 

The Fap filter is thus successfully regenerated and ensures that all harmful particles accumulate inside it again. 

The exhaust system must have a long-term warranty 

The exhaust system must have a warranty that will guarantee the user long-term operation. If the exhaust system is manufactured by recognized and quality manufacturers, its warranty will certainly guarantee for a longer period of time, for its flawless operation. However, if there are any problems before the warranty expires, a new exhaust system can be obtained with the bill.

Of course, the exhaust system breaks down after a certain time. If we notice that our exhaust system makes strange noises while driving or that it smokes extremely, it is wise to visit a service technician. The service technician will thoroughly inspect the entire car and, if necessary, replace the defective exhaust system. Without a well-functioning exhaust system, it will be extremely difficult to perform longer and more demanding journeys. 

The exhaust system can be replaced completely, but they can only replace our damaged pot. If the connecting pipes are still working well, we will not have to replace them. This will also save money, as we will only buy the defective part and not the entire exhaust system. A good service technician will warn us about this and also suggest us only the replacement of defective parts.