Both rafting and kayaking are popular choices among the visitors of Bovec. The tourists mostly come for adrenaline sports and other outside activities, which is completely understandable, as this region is ideally suited for all kinds of adventures. It’s also understandable that many of the visitors choose to explore the Soca river in a raft or kayak – Bovec offers a wide variety of guided courses, as well as some individually tailored adventures.

Especially for rafting, Bovec can impress with a wide selection of options for all kinds of adventurers. Rafting is among the top choices, which is definitely due, in part, to its suitability for people with different skill levels. There is beginner rafting Bovec is very friendly to those that have never set foot in a raft before. These courses start out calm and relaxed, then they slowly ramp up the excitement on the livelier parts of the river. On the other hand, there is white-water rafting, Bovec has an attractive offer for this as well. Thrilling courses are set down the rapids and drops, which is a uniquely exhilarating experience even for hardened adventurers.

If you’d rather choose a kayak, Bovec has you covered just as well. Kayaking is even more suitable for beginners, while it offers a wide range of possible options for experienced kayakers. With a kayak Bovec can be a starting point for various interesting expeditions. If we add the option to simply drive to suitable entry points in the vicinity, the variety of possible experiences increases dramatically. With help from the local tourist agencies, you can expect tailored offers for kayaking, no matter your skill level. The professional guides will adapt to every taste, and the agencies have all-inclusive offers with transport and equipment rental for maximal convenience.